Ford Motor Company: Top Vehicle in 2015 – F series

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Ford Motor Company: Top Vehicle in 2015 – F series

When it comes to the Top Vehicles of 2015, the winner is the best selling and most profitable Ford: The Ford F series. Loaded models like the 2016 Ford F-150 Limited were some of the biggest contributors to Fords “Bottom Line” in 2015. The F series is Americas best-selling vehicle lineup.

Why is it Fords “Best Vehicle”

Ford investors don’t consider fuel efficiency, towing capacity or packages when it comes to considering what the “best vehicle is.” It’s all and only about profit. Even though we don’t know the exact profits of the F series because Ford obviously keeps that a close secret we can only safely assume that no Ford vehicles come close to generating as much profit as the 2015 North American Truck of the Year. Even with the Ford Motor Company halting sales last year they were still able to sell an impressive 753,851 F-series trucks in the US, making it American’s best seller! Currently, through November Ford sales were up 2.3%.F series

Best Seller and Most Profitable

Of course, the sheer number of sales makes the F series a big deal.  But to become Fords Top Vehicle, the investors at Ford are looking for profit. The average transition price for an F-Series truck in November was $42,800. That’s up $2,700 from a year ago. Low-interest rates, cheaper gas prices, and longer terms loans available all played a role in that increase. We’re sure the redesign for the 2015 model year had a little to do with it has well.

Customers are looking for Luxury Vehicles

The Ford motor company is really good at enticing customers to purchase features on the F series that were unheard of in a pickup truck 25 years ago. Ford more or less invented the idea of a luxury pickup with its first King Ranch model in 2001. General Motor and Chrysler have since followed suit, but nothing compares to the Ford F-series. The F-series isn’t just America’s best-selling vehicle, its Americans best-seller over $50,000, too.

So to sum this all up, given its huge sales volumes and likely profit margins, the F-series is, without a doubt, the biggest and best of the Ford lineup in North America — and North America is the most profitable market region.

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