Mazda i-ACTIV All-Wheel-Drive


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The weather has been unpredictable lately.  Rain turns to sleet, then snow, then it freezes; even a blizzard made its way through town. There really is no guessing what situations we might get caught in.  Mazda thought of a solution.  Their scenario, “It’s not an everyday occurrence, but there comes a time for every driver when they’re stopped at an intersection on a slippery incline and can’t seem to get enough sure traction to safely pull away.”

With this, they introduced the i-ACTIV all-wheel-drive system.  Mazda is calling it “predictive” meaning it can determine exactly when and how to engage the AWD system before the driver even touches the accelerator and instantly when the wheels start to slip.

Sensors on the vehicles scan for data, such as temperature, vehicle angle, yaw, steering direction, antilock brake activation and wind-shield wiper use.  The AWD controller then uses this information to determine road and weather conditions. Just 1% wheel slippage will fully engage the AWD.

Mazda i-ACTIV All-Wheel-Drive

The Mazda CX-5 with i-ACTIV AWD was tested on a frozen test track.  Results showed that the AWD system on the Mazda proved near-equal to that of the time-tested AWD system in a Subaru Forester.  If fact, the Mazda beat the competition during one test.  The i-ACTIV system allows rear-wheel engagement even when the front wheels are turned.  This allows for extra traction when on an incline and needing to turn.

This system is offered on the Mazda CX-3 and CX-5, as well as the 2016 CX-9 coming this spring.  Mazda says i-ACTIV causes no fuel-economy penalty and is no more expensive or complex than any other AWD system on the market.

Mazda i-ACTIV All-Wheel-Drive

To learn more and to test drive a new Mazda with i-ACTIV AWD, stop by Preston Mazda today!

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