Hyundai CPO Models, Best Cars for College Graduates

Autotrader has awarded Hyundai with the Certified Pre-Owned of the year. The committee decided that the top criteria for picking the winner should how long the warranty lasts. Since the Hyundai CPO guarantee is basically the same as their new car warranty, it is pretty obvious why Hyundai snagged top honors from Autotrader.

If you’re a college graduate, fresh out of the classroom, then you probably want to grab a new car to get you to that new job. As a brand new college graduate, how could you possibly afford a brand new car right out of the gate? With student loans having to be paid off and bills mounting up by the day, recent college graduates have a boatload of finances tied up before they even have their first worthwhile job. The last thing that a grad needs is a high monthly fee or a crazy interest rate dragging them down by the wallet. This is exactly¬†the reason why college graduates should roll off the car lot with a Certified Pre-Owned, the hands down best car for college students, whether they just graduated or are about to graduate.


Buying a CPO for your first car allows you to have the best of both worlds. With prices way below what the typical new car costs, purchasing a CPO financially is the best car for college students or college graduates. Get your car paid off sooner with those lower monthly payments. You can also count on how reliable CPO models are. They are low-mileage, late-models alternatives to purchase a brand new vehicle or your average used car. These cars have been checked out from bumper to bumper according to specific guidelines and are accompanied with a warranty.

Since most recent college graduates haven’t built the credit needed¬†to buy a new vehicle, CPO models are the next best option! Credit has a huge¬†impact on how much your monthly payment and interest rates are, so ease some¬†of that stress by purchasing the best car for college students, a financially solid¬†CPO. The promotions and incentives car buyers qualify for are typically determined by credit as well. Don‚Äôt forget to take that CPO on few test drives before buying!

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