New Ford Bronco to Debut

Ford Bronco

Ever since Ford first announced that they will be revamping and reissuing the Bronco, Ford fans have been clamoring for news regarding this vehicle. First appearing in 1966, the Ford Bronco started out as a compact vehicle, but after 11 years of reconfigurations, it turned it a full-sized platform, similar to that of the F100 pickup. When 1983 rolled around, the Bronco II made headway in popular culture, while actually being smaller in size than the predecessor. The Ranger pickup truck chassis complete a look that is now iconic among car fans. So needless to say, Ford auto manufacturers had quite the task on their hands creating the new concept while sticking to the same look that America fell in love with.

Ford has not yet confirmed a release date, but the internet is swirling with rumors regarding when the brand new Ford Bronco will debut. Many rumor mills are stating that Ford will release the new Bronco late in 2017. There are also some saying that the new Bronco will hit Ford dealerships at the beginning of 2018. Publications have been debating the debut date, but with additional designs already being leaked, it is clear that the newest version of the Bronco is well on the way to hitting the market. It is clear from all the chatter about when this vehicle is coming out that Ford fans can’t wait for this debut.

The body of the new Ford Bronco is bold and simple. A completely square appearance is accented by massive xenon headlights that are fashioned into the sides of the grille lattice, emblazoned with the ‚ÄėBronco‚Äô name. ¬†The bold exterior pairs perfectly with the interior, with features such as two nest locations in the dash for meters plus a stylized compass to help you get you where you need to go. There is also a ton of room inside of the new Bronco, with even more room when the luggage compartment pulls out sideways for easy access. You can even take out the rear seats to really get the party going.

Preston Ford can’t wait for the new Bronco and your friends here will keep you posted on when you receive our first run of this vehicle!


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