Punkin Chunkin Returns to Bridgeville, DE

This November 4th to 6th, Punkin Chunkin returns to Bridgeville, DE for the 30th anniversary of Punkin Chunkin. The City of Bridgeville is welcoming Punkin Chunkin back into the community for the first time since 2013. From 8 a.m. to dusk every day that weekend, Bridgeville will be buzzing with the festivities associated with Punkin Chunkin. Don’t miss the catapults and cannons firing pumpkins into the sky all weekend and don’t miss our 4×4 trucks from Preston Nissan in action during the event.

Punkin Chunkin

Punkin Chunkin is able to return home because of the assistance provided by Preston Nissan via a number of 4×4 Nissan trucks. Those Preston Nissan 4×4 trucks will be in action, acting as pumpkin chasers, which are runners that are assigned to keep track of the pumpkins. You can take a look at not only the handling and fortitude of models such as the Nissan Frontier and Nissan Titan, but you can also check out the strength under the hood. In case one of the pumpkins crashes into a 4×4 Nissan truck, a short trip to one of the Preston Motor Autobodies will fix that vehicle right up; Cambridge Auto Body, Preston Auto Body, and Snow Hill Autobody. These Autobodies will be represented at Punkin Chunkin 2016 as well.

It is the Year of the Truck at Nissan, but trucks won’t be the only way that Preston Nissan is present at this year’s Punkin Chunkin. Besides the Nissan trucks that are pumpkin chasers, there will also be an NV200 on display, decked out to represent Preston Nissan. This fun-filled weekend is perfect for the entire family, with children loving the pumpkins flying through the air and their parents enjoying the beer garden and the Franzia wine sponsorship. If you’re in the market for a truck from Preston Nissan, or you’re just looking for a heck of a weekend, then join in the action at Punkin Chunkin 2016 in Bridgeville, DE.

Punkin Chunkin

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