Remembering Henry Ford

Henry Ford

Saturday, April 7th marks the 71st anniversary of the death of Henry Ford. This great American industrialist is best known for the behemoth motor company that still bears his name, along with his ingenious conception of the assembly line that allowed him to provide affordable vehicles to the average consumer. This feat would be the envy of the world, and launch a society-changing industry. Ford also increased the minimum daily wage of his time, sparking a paradigm shift that would help forge the American middle class. There are many lessons to be learned from Mr. Ford. That is why — on the anniversary of his leaving this world — our team at Preston Ford would like to reflect not only on his accomplishments, but on the wisdom he shared with us.Page breakThe Ford Motor Company, as we know it today, was actually Henry Ford’s third attempt at establishing a successful automobile company. The motivation to perfect his assembly lines to make his vehicles more affordable was what finally put the Ford product over the top. When he started selling the Model T in 1908, it cost a whopping $850. Over the next eight years, he was able to reduce that price to just $350. Ford’s ambition was not only to seek fortune and success for his company, but to have a significant impact on society and change the lives of his fellow Americans for the better. Seventy one years after his death, the values and innovative spirit of Henry Ford live on in the company he left behind. The Ford Motor Company has stood tall through a great depression, two world wars, an energy crisis and an auto industry bailout.  Not only was Ford able to turn down the government bailout money, but they used the opportunity to lead the way to producing more efficient vehicles and cleaner manufacturing processes. This included the development of all-electric vehicles; a desperately needed shift in the industry to rely on more than just a single technology for powering automobiles.

Henry Ford would truly be proud of the moral standards and tireless ingenuity being practiced in his name. Here at Preston Ford, we strive to honor the altruistic spirit of Ford by giving back to the communities we serve. We are equally proud to bring Ford trucks, cars and SUVs to the people of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware. The future is as unpredictable now as it was at the end of Henry Ford’s life in 1947, but we believe the mindset of the Ford Motor Company and its associates will remain adamant for innovation and the good of all mankind.  Together, we can overcome any obstacle that is laid in our path, especially with military grade aluminum alloy and intelligent all-wheel drive.Henry Ford on Success

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