The Dover Bridge Is Now Open

Bridge Opening CeremonyThe brand new and much-improved Dover Bridge opened up on Tuesday, June 12. This bridge is a huge part of getting to southern Caroline County from northern Talbot County and vice versa. Preston Ford, your Easton Ford and Annapolis Ford destination, is thrilled by this news because it allows for easier traveling between a few of our locations. The construction of this bridge has been delayed by numerous issues including weather challenges like an extremely cold winter and a rainy springtime. This project was first started in October of 2014, almost 20 years after American Corner’s George Jackson and former state Senator Richard Colburn began lobbying for a new Dover Bridge.

This new bridge spans a 2,000-foot gap and has a 50-foot clearance bridging over the Choptank River. The new bridge also features shoulders that are 8 feet wide, as opposed to the old bridge that had no shoulders at all. The addition of this new bridge is great news for the staff at Preston Ford, your Easton Ford and Annapolis Ford destination, as many of our staff take this bridge to and from work every single day. Not only that, but many of our clients utilize this bridge to get to our dealerships in Preston as well as to get to Denton Ford. You’ll never again have to worry about waiting for a boat to pass underneath or waiting until you get to the other side of the bridge to pull over when you take a trip across the new and improved Dover BridgeSatellite view of bridge