Ford To Begin Making Battery-Powered Vehicles

local Ford dealershipAfter announcing that it will slowly move away from making cars, the Ford Motor Company also revealed it will become involved in the practice of engineering battery-powered electric vehicles. An article by Engadget states that this shift means that Ford’s trucks and SUV models are expected to have more battery space, a reduction in fuel usage/dependency and an increase in technological features. Here at the Preston Automotive Group, we know that Preston Ford, Pittsville Ford, Denton Ford, Rtown Ford, Boulevard Ford of Lewes and Boulevard Ford of Georgetown, your Milford Ford dealer, all are excited by this news because it signifies that Ford is looking to the future and is dedicated to elevating the experiences people will have while driving a Ford in Georgetown and beyond.
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In Engadget’s article, Ford’s Global Director Of Battery Electric Vehicles Ted Cannis said this decision is based on the needs of Ford’s consumers and the desire to adjust to the ever-evolving automotive industry. Regarding adding a battery to a Ford, Cannis said “Let’s make them awesome. Let’s amplify what’s best about that for that user group and really make awesome vehicles.” That means Ford’s horizon will have electric crossovers, SUV models and even a hybrid F-Series that are meant to be sold on the power of their features instead of their gas mileage. Here at Boulevard Ford of Georgetown, your Georgetown Ford dealer, we cannot wait to learn more about this bold decision. Be sure to check in with us to get more information and to see how you can make the switch to Ford’s future electric rides.local Ford Dealership