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Rtown Ford, a proud member of the Preston Automotive Group, is happy to be a part of the Ford Foundation. An independent organization that is the steward of a $16 billion endowment, the Ford Foundation gives $500 million in grants to other organizations every year. Since its conception in 1936, the Ford Foundation uses its money toward scientific, educational and charitable purposes, all intended for the benefit of the public welfare. Our team at Rtown Ford, your Baltimore Ford dealer, always does our part to donate and promote the amazing efforts of this foundation.

The Ford Foundation began in 1936, when Edsel Ford ‚ÄĒ Henry Ford‚Äôs son ‚ÄĒ gave an initial gift of $25,000. As the years went on, this initiative became the largest philanthropic program in the world and its works have been focused on reducing poverty, while at the same time encouraging human welfare, democratic values, peace and educational opportunities. Today, the Ford Foundation is led by President Darren Walker and a board of trustees with members who hail from different countries. Here at Rtown Ford, your Baltimore Ford dealer, we are happy to be involved with this amazing foundation and are constantly looking for new ways we can help it. Be sure to visit or contact us about how you can contribute to the Ford Foundation!Ford Foundation