Auto Podcasts To Enjoy On Your Commute

Easton FordDriving to and from work every day can become a little monotonous, especially if your job is far away from home. Listening to podcasts and other audio formats are great ways to change up your mood, because they not only provide audio stimulation, but also interesting facts and information. Our team at the Preston Automotive Group especially enjoys listening to different automotive podcasts as ways to stay updated in our field and to better help our customers find the Ford in Preston they always have wanted. Check out several of our recommendations and be sure to let us know if these podcasts make your daily commute more interesting:
Annapolis Ford

  • Under The Hood Automotive Talk Show — A car repair and advice radio show, Under The Hood features three friends who like giving different advice about the best way to take care of your car, truck or SUV. It also has various repair tips, interviews with everyday people and so much more. This show definitely will be useful for those who want to keep their Ford in Preston in its best shape.
  • Futurismo: An Automotive News Podcast — This podcast is all about discussing the future of the automotive world, specifically the next quarter-century of the industry. Each season, the hosts look at a specific trend or technology that exists in some shape today and touch on how it will evolve to help shape the not-too-distant future of transportation and cars.
  • CarCast — A weekly podcast all about cars, this is hosted by celebrity Adam Carolla, Bill Goldberg and Matt “The Motorator” D’Andria. They talk about all aspects of the automotive industry, from performance, specifications, new models and so much more. You are guaranteed to learn plenty about your Ford in Preston or any others you have been interested in.

Here at the Preston Automotive Group, we hope that our customers enjoy our podcast recommendations. Feel free to contact us with your choices on what to listen to and visit one of our dealerships today!Annapolis Ford