Join Us In Helping Talbot Go Purple 2018

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Last year saw the launch of the Talbot Goes Purple campaign, a focused effort to inspire our local communities to stand up and fight back against substance abuse. Our team at the Preston Automotive Group is proud to support the efforts of this initiative and to say that that the second annual Talbot Goes Purple campaign will kick off September 1st. Running for the entire month, there will be “purple clubs” in our local high schools that feature information and resources about how harmful abusing drugs or alcohol can be, how to help someone you know who suffers from addiction and more. These clubs will help show our youth that they do not need drugs or alcohol in their lives. You can also expect to see other events, and plenty of purple lights, all throughout the county. Here at the Preston Automotive Group, we are beyond excited to do our part in encouraging this important initiative, and we urge our customers to wear purple, decorate their businesses in purple and show other signs of support for this amazing initiative.

However, it is not just Talbot County that will be going purple for the month of September this year. Dorchester, Caroline, Kent and Queen Anne’s counties are all joining in to promote conversations on the epidemic of substance abuse — especially opioid and prescription painkiller abuse — that is sweeping through the Eastern Shore and what actions can be taken to stop it. Sussex County in Delaware will be joining in this effort as well. These other counties are using the Talbot Goes Purple campaign as an inspiration for their own initiatives and will be holding their own events such as walks, movie showings, talks and much more. It is definitely past time for all of us to see what we can do to prevent more overdoses or the selling of illegal substances in our towns, and Going Purple is a great way to display that. Want to help your friends at the Preston Automotive Group support the second annual Talbot Goes Purple campaign? Then make sure you visit the campaign’s website or find it on Facebook to see how you can volunteer. We are excited to go purple with you and show our solidarity against the dangers of heroin and other substance abuse.