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Consumer Reports Rank Mazda Higher Than Ever

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The quality of the Mazda brand has been on a constant rise in the last few years. According to Consumer Reports, Toyota and Lexus are the only brands outshining Mazda. This ranking is determined by owner reports and not members of the Consumer Reports team, so you know this is coming from customers who actually use the product. Based on the owner reported data, Mazda has advanced nine spots and now ranks only behind Toyota and Lexus. This improvement can be correlated to the improvements made to the CX-9 and the Miata. Out of all the Consumer Reports’ new rankings, Mazda has experienced the most dramatic move. This data was based on the results of more than 500,000 surveys from actual owners giving their real opinions.

Preston Mazda, your local Mazda dealership, is proud to be a part of this improvement. We have a number of Mazda Miata and Mazda CX-9 models that are available for purchase on our sales lot. Come into our dealership, talk to our team, and schedule your test drive so you can see these improvements for yourself. We are thrilled to continue Mazda’s tradition of providing high-quality models that drivers love. That way, the Mazda brand can continue to improve and enhance their Consumer Reports ranking even more. Come to Preston Mazda, your local Mazda dealer, and check out these improvements for yourself.  
Preston Mazda

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