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The Benefits Of Having A Remote Start For Your Ride

local custom car shopsThe automotive world has become so advanced today that there should be no need to frantically search your pockets or purse for your car keys. That is why our expert team at Bully Frog Customs, your local custom car shop, recommend that our customers looking into having a remote start feature for their ride. Not only is it convenient, but a remote start feature will be crucial in helping you stay warm this chilly winter season and can even be good for your engine. Here at Bully Frog Customs, your local customs destination, we think that the main benefits of installing a remote starter feature for your vehicle are:


Let’s face it: no one likes to hop into their car, truck or SUV and having to sweat or shiver, depending on the season, while waiting for their car to get ready. That is where having a remote start feature truly comes in handy because you can have your ride the exact temperature you want with just the push of a button on your key fob. All you have to do is leave your climate control on when you turn your engine off, press your remote start button the next time you drive and wait a few minutes before you get inside. It’s that easy to drive off in total comfort.customs destinationSafety 

A remote start feature will also provide you with a sense of safety. It can lock or unlock your car at a distance so that you can have peace of mind about leaving your vehicle unattended. Also, warming up your car before you get inside will help clear your windows and headlights of any debris. That means it will defrost any snow or ice and improve your visibility this winter. Be sure to ask our experienced staff at Bully Frog Customs, your local custom car shop, more about how a remote start feature can help with your security.

Engine Health

Having a remote start feature can also improve the performance of your engine. In order for your car’s climate control system to begin yielding warm air, your engine has to first warm up as it runs. Since your ride typically idles for several minutes before you drive it, you will find that your engine oil becomes more viscous and gives you much better lubrication once you are ready to take off. Both gas and diesel engines can benefit from having a remote start feature from Bully Frog Customs, your local customs destination.

Here at Bully Frog Customs, your local custom car shop, we cannot wait to install a remote start feature on your ride and make your driving life a whole lot easier. Stop in and see us today!local custom car shop

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