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Experience The 2019 Mazda3 With All-Wheel-Drive


What could make the already-amazing 2019 Mazda3 even better? Outfitting it with an innovative All-Wheel-Drive System of course! According to an article from Jalopnik, adding this system elevates a new Mazda3 for sale from “Good Car to Something Better Than Good Car.” Mazda has the revolutionary I-ACTIV AWD® system that uses others factors besides engine power and wheel speed to figure out where to best apply torque. This remarkable system deploys 27 different sensors more than 200 times per second to gather important information. It collects G-forces, brakes and steering data, temperature, and other conditions into consideration to deliver optimal performance. The expert team at your Mazda Dover DE dealer is thrilled at the precision of the Mazda I-ACTIV AWD® system. Make your way to Preston Mazda, and explore a new Mazda3 for sale with this system today.


In his Jalopnik review, writer Erik Shilling states how impressed he was with the handling of a 2019 Mazda3 equipped with the I-ACTIV AWD® system. This amazing system uses the data it collects to actually estimate what future conditions you will encounter during the course of your journey. Doing so lets your Mazda3 better allocate the torque emitting from your engine to any necessary wheels to keep the highest levels of control, stability, and forward momentum. So what does that actually mean? It means the I-ACTIV AWD® system will already have compensated for any slick road conditions or rough terrains before you even notice them, giving you the confidence to continue enjoying your journey. The professionals at your Mazda Annapolis dealer fully agree with Shilling, and we think that a 2019 Mazda3 with all-wheel-drive capabilities makes this astonishing vehicle even more jaw-dropping. We invite you to come in and experience a new Mazda3 for sale that has the outstanding I-ACTIV AWD® today!I-ACTIV AWD

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