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August 2, 2018
by prestonmotor

Remember To Maintain Your Ford This Summer

Ford This Summer

Our staff at the Preston Automotive Group knows that you are busy enjoying the dog days of summer with your loved ones. However, we want to remind our customers how crucial it is to keep your Ford maintained on a regular basis. Your Ford is one of the most important tools in your life and like all machines, it needs to be serviced so it can keep taking you on all of your adventures. You never want to encounter any issues while you are out cruising on the road, so be sure to make a service appointment at Preston Ford, Pittsville Ford, Rtown Ford, Boulevard Ford of Lewes, Boulevard Ford of Georgetown and Denton Ford before you leave on a summer road trip.

Ford This Summer

Our expert service departments at our Ford dealerships are standing by to thoroughly inspect your Ford. You will find our experienced and factory-trained service technicians waiting to fix whatever problems you have, take your Ford for a test drive to see how it is performing and ensure that nothing else will come up before returning your Ford F-150 or Ford Fusion to you. It is our goal to give our clients the complete peace of mind that they need to hit the road because we want them to enjoy every minute that they drive. You already are dealing with plenty in your busy life, so leave your Ford in the dedicated hands of the service department at our Ford dealerships.

Ford This Summer

If you are a do it yourself type and like to work on your vehicle then before you take your Ford to one of our Ford dealerships, there are different things you can do to keep your Ford running at peak performance. You should check that your fluid levels are good to go by looking over your dipstick and studying where the placement on the fill line is located. After lifting up the hood of your Ford Escape or Ford Explorer, be sure to see if your belts or hoses have deteriorated and how your engine is looking, along with how it is running. Due to the fact that your tires are one of the most used components of your Ford, do not forget to inspect their status. If you notice that the tread is worn down, it might be time to replace them. Look over your spark plugs carefully, because their condition is directly related to your fuel economy. You also want to make sure your battery is fully charged and ready to power your systems.

Here at the Preston Automotive Group, we are here to keep your Ford operating at its maximum capacity. You deserve to fully enjoy the rest of your summer, so schedule your maintenance appointment at one of our Ford dealerships today!

Ford This Summer

July 30, 2018
by prestonmotor

What To Do After An Accident

Despite the best preparations and your best-laid plans, anything can happen while you are out on the road and that includes accidents. Caused by any number of factors (like obstacles, animals or other drivers), an accident can be highly catastrophic and even very traumatic. Here at the Preston Automotive Group, we always hope our customers are as safe as they can be on their travels and that they avoid the dangers driving can bring. However, we also want everyone to know exactly what to do if they experience an accident and ensure they can handle the encounter. That is why our team has compiled a checklist for you to follow and help you retain the confidence, calm and focus you need to handle whatever an accident will bring. We recommend that you do the following after you get into a car accident:

  • Immediately check yourself (and your passengers, if there are any inside your vehicle) for injuries and assess how serious they are.
  • Call the local authorities — like a police department — and 911, no matter how minor your injuries or the damage to your vehicle. The police will be invaluable when it is time to make an insurance claim. Remember to get the responding police officer’s name, rank and badge number as well.
  • If possible, move your car, truck or SUV off the road and onto the shoulder of the road. Shift into park, turn on your hazard lights and set up several flares (if you have any).
  • Inspect the state of your vehicle and try to see what kind of damage it has sustained. If you can, we suggest making notes on everything that you see.
  • If another driver is involved — After first seeing if he or she is alright, gather as much of their information as you can right away. This includes names of everyone present, information on all vehicles (models, makes, years, license numbers, etc), insurance carrier names and policy numbers, contact information and more. It also is a good idea to take several pictures of the scene, which can be used when you go to file your insurance claim.
  • Wait for the proper authorities to arrive, and then seek medical treatment when necessary.

Your friends at the Preston Automotive Group hope that our customers find this checklist useful, but also that they never have to use it. We want everyone to stay safe while out on the road, so be sure to contact us for more information on what you can do avoid accidents happening to you and your loved ones.


July 18, 2018
by Website Manager

Auto Podcasts To Enjoy On Your Commute

Easton FordDriving to and from work every day can become a little monotonous, especially if your job is far away from home. Listening to podcasts and other audio formats are great ways to change up your mood, because they not only provide audio stimulation, but also interesting facts and information. Our team at the Preston Automotive Group especially enjoys listening to different automotive podcasts as ways to stay updated in our field and to better help our customers find the Ford in Preston they always have wanted. Check out several of our recommendations and be sure to let us know if these podcasts make your daily commute more interesting:
Annapolis Ford

  • Under The Hood Automotive Talk Show — A car repair and advice radio show, Under The Hood features three friends who like giving different advice about the best way to take care of your car, truck or SUV. It also has various repair tips, interviews with everyday people and so much more. This show definitely will be useful for those who want to keep their Ford in Preston in its best shape.
  • Futurismo: An Automotive News Podcast — This podcast is all about discussing the future of the automotive world, specifically the next quarter-century of the industry. Each season, the hosts look at a specific trend or technology that exists in some shape today and touch on how it will evolve to help shape the not-too-distant future of transportation and cars.
  • CarCast — A weekly podcast all about cars, this is hosted by celebrity Adam Carolla, Bill Goldberg and Matt “The Motorator” D’Andria. They talk about all aspects of the automotive industry, from performance, specifications, new models and so much more. You are guaranteed to learn plenty about your Ford in Preston or any others you have been interested in.

Here at the Preston Automotive Group, we hope that our customers enjoy our podcast recommendations. Feel free to contact us with your choices on what to listen to and visit one of our dealerships today!Annapolis Ford


July 17, 2018
by Website Manager

Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation header image

Rtown Ford, a proud member of the Preston Automotive Group, is happy to be a part of the Ford Foundation. An independent organization that is the steward of a $16 billion endowment, the Ford Foundation gives $500 million in grants to other organizations every year. Since its conception in 1936, the Ford Foundation uses its money toward scientific, educational and charitable purposes, all intended for the benefit of the public welfare. Our team at Rtown Ford, your Baltimore Ford dealer, always does our part to donate and promote the amazing efforts of this foundation.

The Ford Foundation began in 1936, when Edsel Ford — Henry Ford’s son — gave an initial gift of $25,000. As the years went on, this initiative became the largest philanthropic program in the world and its works have been focused on reducing poverty, while at the same time encouraging human welfare, democratic values, peace and educational opportunities. Today, the Ford Foundation is led by President Darren Walker and a board of trustees with members who hail from different countries. Here at Rtown Ford, your Baltimore Ford dealer, we are happy to be involved with this amazing foundation and are constantly looking for new ways we can help it. Be sure to visit or contact us about how you can contribute to the Ford Foundation!Ford Foundation

July 16, 2018
by Website Manager

Ford To Begin Making Battery-Powered Vehicles

local Ford dealershipAfter announcing that it will slowly move away from making cars, the Ford Motor Company also revealed it will become involved in the practice of engineering battery-powered electric vehicles. An article by Engadget states that this shift means that Ford’s trucks and SUV models are expected to have more battery space, a reduction in fuel usage/dependency and an increase in technological features. Here at the Preston Automotive Group, we know that Preston Ford, Pittsville Ford, Denton Ford, Rtown Ford, Boulevard Ford of Lewes and Boulevard Ford of Georgetown, your Milford Ford dealer, all are excited by this news because it signifies that Ford is looking to the future and is dedicated to elevating the experiences people will have while driving a Ford in Georgetown and beyond.
Georgetown Ford dealer
In Engadget’s article, Ford’s Global Director Of Battery Electric Vehicles Ted Cannis said this decision is based on the needs of Ford’s consumers and the desire to adjust to the ever-evolving automotive industry. Regarding adding a battery to a Ford, Cannis said “Let’s make them awesome. Let’s amplify what’s best about that for that user group and really make awesome vehicles.” That means Ford’s horizon will have electric crossovers, SUV models and even a hybrid F-Series that are meant to be sold on the power of their features instead of their gas mileage. Here at Boulevard Ford of Georgetown, your Georgetown Ford dealer, we cannot wait to learn more about this bold decision. Be sure to check in with us to get more information and to see how you can make the switch to Ford’s future electric rides.local Ford Dealership


July 5, 2018
by prestonmotor

Welcome Rtown Ford To The PAG Family

rtownfordPreston Automotive Group wants to extend a very warm welcome to Rtown Ford, the newest member of our family. Based out of Randallstown, Rtown Ford joined us last month and we could not be more excited. It prides itself on being “Baltimore’s Destination Dealership” and it definitely backs up that claim. When you visit Rtown Ford, you are sure to find the same excellent service and vast inventory of Ford cars, trucks and SUV models that you can expect from any PAG Ford dealer.

rtown fordThe experienced staff at Rtown Ford is ready to listen to your driving needs, show you different Ford models, set up test drives of whichever models interest you the most and help you find the best financial option for your lifestyle. Just like all of our PAG dealerships, the mission at Rtown Ford is “to provide a superior workplace for our associates so that as a team we can provide our guests with a superior consumer experience. We will express our love for every guest daily, and create an experience that will result in our guests choosing the Preston Automotive Group for all the services we provide.” Here at PAG, we encourage everyone in Baltimore and the surrounding areas to visit Rtown Ford and discover the Ford of your dreams today!



July 2, 2018
by prestonmotor

Sussex County Firework Displays

Fireworks Information for Sussex County - Header Image

Everyone loves enjoying fireworks when the Fourth of July comes around. You can celebrate our nation’s independence safely right here in Sussex County by checking out one or more of these firework displays. You could also pay a visit to a local Sussex County Ford dealership like Boulevard Ford of Lewes and see what we have in stock before you check out these fireworks. Our staff can’t wait to enjoy these fireworks and we hope to see you there to celebrate our great country.

Millsboro – Saturday, June 30th – Cupola Park, fireworks at dusk

Cape May-Lewes Ferry – Sunday, July 1st – Rehoboth Fireworks Cruise, departs Lewes Terminal at 7:15 p.m., returns to Lewes at 11:00 p.m. and the fireworks can be viewed over the Delaware Bay around dusk

Rehoboth Beach – Sunday, July 1st – Fireworks will be set off from the beach at sometime after 8:00 p.m. and will be visible from the boardwalk as well as up and down the beach.

Bethany Beach – Wednesday, July 4th – Fireworks at dusk, best viewed from the beach or boardwalk

Dewey Beach – Wednesday, July 4th – Fireworks will be set off from the beach and will be visible from the shoreline as well as the boardwalk

Laurel – Wednesday, July 4th – Fireworks at dusk, rain date scheduled for July 5th

Lewes – Wednesday, July 4th – Fireworks at 9:00 p.m.

June 29, 2018
by prestonmotor

The Dover Bridge Is Now Open

Bridge Opening CeremonyThe brand new and much-improved Dover Bridge opened up on Tuesday, June 12. This bridge is a huge part of getting to southern Caroline County from northern Talbot County and vice versa. Preston Ford, your Easton Ford and Annapolis Ford destination, is thrilled by this news because it allows for easier traveling between a few of our locations. The construction of this bridge has been delayed by numerous issues including weather challenges like an extremely cold winter and a rainy springtime. This project was first started in October of 2014, almost 20 years after American Corner’s George Jackson and former state Senator Richard Colburn began lobbying for a new Dover Bridge.

This new bridge spans a 2,000-foot gap and has a 50-foot clearance bridging over the Choptank River. The new bridge also features shoulders that are 8 feet wide, as opposed to the old bridge that had no shoulders at all. The addition of this new bridge is great news for the staff at Preston Ford, your Easton Ford and Annapolis Ford destination, as many of our staff take this bridge to and from work every single day. Not only that, but many of our clients utilize this bridge to get to our dealerships in Preston as well as to get to Denton Ford. You’ll never again have to worry about waiting for a boat to pass underneath or waiting until you get to the other side of the bridge to pull over when you take a trip across the new and improved Dover BridgeSatellite view of bridge

May 15, 2018
by prestonmotor

Get Your Ride Ready For Summer

ford dealers in maryland

With spring well underway and summer just around the corner, our team at Preston Ford, your Annapolis Ford dealer, wants to encourage our customers to begin preparing their Ford for the warm weather. We believe you should have your vehicle periodically inspected to ensure that it operates at full capacity, regardless of what the current season is. You also can secure the safety of yourself and your passengers by getting your Ford all the proper maintenance and repairs.

It always is a great idea to take your Ford to the service department at Preston Ford, your local Ford dealer in Maryland, for all of its seasonal work. There also are various measures you can take on your own at your home to maintain how your Ford operates. One practice you can do is inspecting the fluids of your Ford car, truck or SUV by taking out the dipstick and looking at where the fill line is placed. If you have problems with checking your fluid levels, consult the manual of your vehicle. It could be that your windshield wiper fluid ran totally dry this winter, so you will want to check that, and check the wipers too, in case the blades are run down.

When you look under the hood of your Ford, our staff at Preston Ford, your local Ford dealer, recommends making sure there is no deterioration or fraying on your belts or hoses. If you do see issues, then be sure to take your Ford to the service department at Preston Ford, your Annapolis Ford dealer, so that they can be replaced. First, try tugging on your belts a couple of times to ensure they are tight enough to properly function. If you discover that they are loose, then bring your Ford F-150 or Ford Escape to the Preston Ford service department. You also will want to check out your radiator hose and your tires — definitely your tires — since the harsh weather this winter may have had a negative impact on their performance.

Here at Preston Ford, your local Ford dealer in Maryland, we also suggest looking at the spark plugs of your Ford because their quality can be related to your gas mileage. If they are  worn-out, your Ford could be using more gas than normal. It nevers hurt to replace your spark plugs and ensure you are getting the very best fuel economy. You should also look over your Ford thoroughly to guarantee there is no rust. Our team at Preston Ford, your Annapolis Ford dealer, always wants your Ford to be like it was when you first drove it off the sales lot. Be sure to schedule your service today!annapolis ford

April 20, 2018
by prestonmotor

Experience The Convenience Of Ford Co-Pilot360

A recent announcement stated that Ford will be releasing its Ford Co-Pilot360™ feature this fall. Ford Co-Pilot™ is a wide array of standard driver-assist technologies intended to make all of your travels much safer and a whole lot more fun. The 2019 Ford Edge will be the first model to have Ford Co-Pilot™ pre-installed in it, with other car, SUV or truck models following soon after. Your friends at the Preston Automotive Group are very excited about this announcement because this revolutionary system will only be available as a whole, not as part of any optional package. will provide you with all the confidence you will ever need to take on a highly congested highway or navigating a foreign city. You will be able to do all of this while having peace of mind knowing that you are protected while you head to your destination.The components in the Ford Co-Pilot360™ work in tandem to make driving your Ford efficient, enjoyable and stress-free. The Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection will assist you with locating pedestrians that might be in your blind spots and to avoid collisions with nearby vehicles by alerting you visually and audibly. If it senses that you will not be able to respond to an accident in time, this system will automatically engage your brakes to minimize any possible damage. The Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross Traffic Alert uses radar to identify any vehicles approaching your blind zone and notifies you with signals on your side mirrors, so you always know what is around you. Thanks to the lane keeping system, you will never have to worry about unintentionally drifting out of your current lane. When evening begins to fall and turn into night, you definitely will enjoy the quick response from the auto high beams. The reverse camera is there to provide you with all the information you need about what is right behind you when you put your Ford in reverse, eliminating any worries about parallel parking or backing out of the driveway. When put together, the features of the Ford Co-Pilot360™ deliver control, precision and relaxation whenever you need them and enhances the overall quality of the journeys you take.Here at the Preston Automotive Group, we cannot wait for the Ford Co-Pilot360™ to roll out this fall and to see how well it operates in the 2019 Ford Edge. We guarantee that you will love having this system with you and be glad it has your back while you are out on the road. For more information on the Ford Co-Pilot360™, check out the Ford website.